We Made Our Move to to Tampa Florida Permanent

I would not give up our house to live in an apartment unless it was one of the luxury apartments for Tampa. My wife had been wanting to move to Florida since we first vacationed in Tampa years ago. She kept working on me to make the move permanent. I have a hard time changing my ways. I admit that. However, I do like the warm weather. I thought I would have a hard time with the hot summers, so we did a test and went on vacation to Florida in July instead of January. I had no problems with the sun or heat. I felt invigorated with all that light. That was the last proof I needed before agreeing for us to go ahead and lease a luxury apartment for a year.

We put all of our stuff in storage back at our old home and rented out the house to our daughter who was working in the school district as a teacher. We kept the option open to go back if we did not like it after a year. Well, that was about five years ago. We are still here and enjoying our luxury apartment in Florida. The pace is beautiful with its granite countertops and large closets. The giant pool outside is a favorite. We take a swim practically every single day. I will even swim even on the rainy days. I still have some of that weather toughness from where we used to live.

We also bought a sailboat we keep at the Bay that is just a very short distance away. This is the type of living most people dream of. We made it happen by just taking our time and planning for the move. Our daughter has since moved down to Tampa and we sold our place we used to own. Our move to Florida is permanent. We have the tans and wardrobe to prove it!